Things You Should Know Before Signing up for Pet Insurance

The key to finding the right pet insurance for you and your pet is first to understand the policies and to spend some time reading the small print. When evaluating the policies, keep in mind that the policy is not there to pay for just the known costs, like annual checkups, it is there to cover the unknown, like accidents, chronic conditions and cancer. Here are a few questions to think about when reviewing different pet insurance policies.

  • What does the plan cover? Illness, accident-only, cancer-only or wellness?
  • Does the plan cover chronic conditions? Addison’s, Cushing’s, allergies and Epilepsy are just a few examples.
  • Does the plan provide lifetime coverage for a chronic condition? Some policies have an annual renewal and would will not cover a chronic condition past the first year.
  • Are there any breed or genetic exclusions? Some policies exclude hip-dysplasia.
  • How is the reimbursement figured? Percentage or flat rate? Is there a limit on maximums paid out for an illness, per year or lifetime reimbursement?

Things You Should Know Before Signing up for Pet InsurancePolicies can change from year to year, so it may be worth a little research on your part to review all of them yourself, and not to rely on the comparison reviews on the internet. Also keep in mind that no policy will cover pre-existing conditions. You may also want to ask your local veterinarian, based on their experience, which plans they think are best.

If you have pet insurance for your pet, which policy do you have?  What are the things you like and dislike most about it?




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