Is your home and pet prepared for your upcoming trip?

We know it can be hectic planning for a trip out of town, but it’s important that your home and pet are prepared for your departure. Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting ready for your trip.

  • Make sure you have received a confirmation email from your pet sitter.
  • Confirm all visit dates and times in the confirmation email.
  • Provide your pet sitters with your flight itinerary and lodging information.
  • Please make sure your profile data on-line is updated. Especially any medication and emergency phone numbers.
  • Make sure that your pet sitter is aware of any changes in your home lock/door access
  • Let your pet sitter know where your pet’s crate/carrier is located. Keeping it accessible in case of emergency is always helpful
  • If you have an alarm system, please make sure to provide your pet sitter with both the keypad code and the verbal code word. With Lake Minnetonka Pet Sitters that information can be placed in our secure on-line profile data.
  • Make sure all unneeded appliances are turned off and/or unplugged.
  • Please leave ample food, litter, medications and other supplies (especially paper towels)
  • Place medications out for the sitter, but out of reach of your pet
  • Enjoy your trip

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