Five Fun Fact about Cats

Five Fun Fact about CatsHere are Five Fun facts about cats :

  1. Sweets – Cats cannot taste sweets or sugar. Sounds weird, but it’s true. It’s all pretty scientific, but because of missing amino acids that make up the DNA of Taz1r2, cats do not taste sweets or sugar like we do.  To read more on this subject.
  2. Hairball – The technical term for a cat’s hairball is a “bezoar”.
  3. Whiskers – A cat’s whiskers are normally the same width as their body. This enables the cat to know whether he/she can fit through a space, by just checking with their whiskers.
  4. Purring – Purring is actually a way for a cat to communicate, they may purr to communicate pleasure or to calm themselves, when they are stressed or in pain. Cats are not the only mammals that purr, other species that are known to purr are rabbits, raccoons, guinea pigs, squirrels and even elephants.
  5. Catnip – Not all cats respond to catnip. Only about 50% of the cat population have sensitivity to Nepeta Cataria. Read more about catnip in our blog.




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