Lake Minnetonka Pet Sitters offers peace of mind

It’s not always just about the pet care we offer, it’s about the peace of mind that you receive when you are away.

Lake Minnetonka Pet Sitters have been caring for pets for over 16 years and we are fortunate that very rarely does an issue arise with a client pet when they are traveling, actually we have had more issues with clients homes than their pets. We have had furnaces or AC’s going out, had a break-in once, water pipes leaking, alarm systems going off for no reason and our favorite the batteries in the smoke detectors beeping.  But what happen this past week shook us all a little bit on how important our service really is.

randiRandi one of LMPS’s long term team members arrived at her first visit for a cat client. This was her first time caring for the clients 3 cats. When she entered the house she thought she smelled something like smoke. She found no smoke and could not pin point the origin. She continued to care for the cats and finally she found the source. A toaster was left on (no bread on the side of the toaster turned on) and it was under the kitchen cabinets. This toaster had been heating up for hours, so much that the cabinet above was so hot, she could barely touch the door to open it. She unplugged the toaster and aired out the cabinet.  She also went back later that day to make sure everything was still OK. Now you can imagine that Randi, the client and all of us were very shaken, had she come a few hours later the house may have been in flames.  Thankfully that is not what happened and we are happy that it turned out as it did.

As a reminder next time you leave town, unplug that toaster, coffee maker or anything else that should not be left on and we will all be a little safer.



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