Why does my cat need visits every day?

This question comes up often with our new cat clients and in the course of 14 years of business I have changed my business policy regarding cat visits; We do not offer

visits less than roughly 24 hours apart. That is to say, we will not render service unless your cats will receive attention from someone at least every 24 hours.

This is our minimum policy; we have a large number of clients whose cats we visit more than once a day, or we even stay overnight with them. This policy brings us and our clients peace of mind.

Here are a few reasons that we do everyday visits or multiple visits while you are away. And these are situations that we have seen.

  • A young cat had crawled under the sofa cover and was stuck (but not for long because luckily that was a twice a day schedule)
  • Workman (paintings, construction workers) closing doors and leaving them closed caused a cat to gets stuck in a room without food or water
  • Cleaning staff closed a cat in the closet or garage
  • The cat closed itself into a room.
  • I had one client that stored the cat food in a fiberglass shower stall. The sink was close to the shower and the top was open. We found one of the cats inside the shower. Which was actually pretty funny, but no access to water – he had opened the food of course.
  • Cat liked to open the kitchen cupboards, and one closed on him while he was inside.
  • Cat liked to get into the rafters in the basement, but needed help getting down.

Luckily none of these examples or situations above were life threatening at the time, but they could be if the cat was not checked on for 48 hours.

These situations I listed do not include the things that can happen to a house when the house is not checked every day. The heat or A/C could stop working, smoke detectors or alarms could be going off, and pipes can burst or start leaking.

We like to think our cats are independent animals, but they can get themselves into trouble when they are left alone, so we should never leave them alone too long