What Does “Back to School” Mean For My Dog?

What Does “Back to School” Mean For My Dog?​It’s that time of year again, summer is almost over, days are getting shorter and kids are going back to school. This time of year could mean a few changes in your dog’s life and here are a few things to consider.

Home Alone – Your dog may have gotten used to the kids being home for the summer and it may take them a little while to get used to being home alone again, especially if they are younger dogs. Make sure the dog gets lots of attention or a nice walk in the morning before you leave. Don’t have time, hire a dog walker to come and give your dog a break during the day.

Off to College – Remember that having one of the kids leave for college can be an adjustment for the whole family, not just the parents. The dogs may be looking for the kids and not understand right away what has happened to his/her pack.  Be aware of the changes and keep in mind that your dog may need a little extra attention during this phase.

Back to School – We associate this phrase with our children, but why not think of it for our dogs too.  Sure you went through the puppy classes, but your dog’s training can continue on for his/her entire life. You could take a fun class or you could take the Canine Good Citizen test or train for therapy work. Dogs are like kids, they love to learn new things.

Here are a few choices of training classes beyond puppy training in the West Metro area.

Not every dog has a problem at this time of year, some just enjoy the extra time to nap and wait patiently for the kids to return. Have you continued training classes with your dog?




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