National Walk Your Dog Week

National Walk Your Dog Week

Since it is National Walk Your Dog week, I thought I would post a few great reminders for those getting out and walking their dogs.

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  • Always carry poop bags with you – grab an extra just in case.
  • Best not to greet other dogs when you are on your walk. Dogs can react differently when they are on a leash and it can cause tension and aggression between the dogs. Meeting other people is fine, just make sure the people want to meet your dog.
  • In crowded areas or close to the street, always use a 6 foot leash. I have often seen people out with the retractable leashes 10-20 feet out in front of them walking 2-3 feet from the street. You can do the math. The retractable leashes seem great until someone gets hurt. We really try to avoid walking dogs on the retractable leashes, unless you have the room.
  • If your dog pulls or lunges try one of these helpful tools. Easy Walk Harness or a Sporn Harness mesh or halter harness. We have found the Sporn harness to work the best on most dogs. These are tools used to help you as you work to train your dog to walk nicely on leash.

Most importantly remember to enjoy the walk. Walking can be great mental and physical exercise for you and your dog. Remember though it’s not always about how far you go, it’s about the journey you are taking.





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