How does the loss of a pet affect your pet sitter?

How does the loss of a pet affect your pet sitter?Each time a client loses a furry friend, I try and write about the grief and I just cannot find the right words. Please bear with me as I try and articulate my feelings in this blog.

As a pet sitting and dog walking service that has been around for 16+ years our team has felt our share of loss. I and my team have grieved the loss of our own pets along with the loss of our client’s pets. I always thought it would get easier as time went on, but it never does.  We may not be the owner of the pets, but we are one of the pet’s caregivers and always feel the loss along with the owners. Many times we are there at the beginning to welcome a new puppy or kitty to a family or a new adopted pet. Others we may not meet until later in life. Either way we love them all the same and the time for separation always comes too soon.

Many times I will enter a clients’ house expecting to see one of the pets that has passed, only to realize that I had forgotten they were not there anymore.  My heart just sinks at that moment.  It takes a few visits and the joy of seeing the existing pets or even a new family member for that pain to disappear. Each time I write the words on a sympathy card for a client, it breaks my heart to feel the loss that my clients and my team feel.  Having said that I would never give up the joy and love I receive from our furry friends even knowing it has to involve some pain.

I would like to make a tribute to all the pets that the LMPS team has had the pleasure of caring for (too many to list). We hold fond memories of them all, close to our hearts.



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