Fun games to play with your cat

Playing games with your cat can be a fun way to provide exercise, some mental stimulation and of course great entertained for you.Baby and hat

Crumpled paper: This is one of my favorites – all you need is some scrap paper. Just crumple a couple pieces up and toss. Most cats love the sound and texture of the paper as they toss it around.

Ping-pong balls are great for a little game of chase. They are light weight and will not damage anything when you start bouncing them around. You can also toss the ball up the stairs for a little more of a challenge (best done on carpeted stairs).

Catch the birdie (not a real bird of course). You can find a variety of these toys in the store or make your own with a stick and some yard, just tie the yarn to the stick and attach something fun on the end of the yarn and wave it back and forth. If you pause it occasionally it helps, but don’t let the cat win all the time. Most cats cannot refuse this game.

Treat or food ball. Just like the popular toys for dog, you can find a variety of choices out there for your cat. Just place your cats dinner or a few treats inside of the toy and the cat wil l be entertained trying to get the food/treats to come out. Great for cats that eat too fast or need some motivated exercise.

Paper bags or empty card board boxes. Need I say more? All you have to do is to place then on the floor, cats seem to love to get into them and hide.

The trick to any toy or game, is to make it interactive and for it to be special. When you are done playing, hide the toys.
Have fun!