Do professional dog walkers, walk in all types of weather?

This may sound like a silly question, but you would be surprised how many people will ask us that. I have had a dog walking business for over 13 years and there have only been a few days when Lake Minnetonka Pet Sitters had to call off walking ; In those cases we just made short trips outside to potty and play inside. Living in Minnesota can bring on a multitude of weather conditions, we get the heat and humidity with heat indexes of over 100 and the bitter cold of 30 below wind chills. My dedicated staff really enjoy their work, just not so much on those extreme days.

To answer the question, yes most of the time professional dog walkers walk in all weather. The only time Lake Minnetonka Pet Sitters does not walk are the really hot days, the below zero days or during a thunder storm. We walk when it’s snowing, raining and of course just plain nice out!