Before you plan your next trip

We all enjoy a relaxing trip out of town, but sometimes the planning can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to make your trip planning go smoothly.

12 things to do when planning your next trip:

Make sure that one of our trained staff is available. Call the office or request dates on-line.
Confirm with Lake Minnetonka Pet Sitters of your dates and visits – if you do not receive an email confirmation, please call the office.
Let LMPS know your flight number, times of departure and arrival.
Have any of the pets changed or started new medication? Make sure our on-line profile has been updated information.
Make sure all your pets have ample food and supplies.
Let your favorite neighbor know that a sitter will be stopping at the house.
Have you changed locks or maybe the alarm code? Make sure your has a current key and alarm information.
Is someone going to mow your grass or plow your driveway (if needed)?
Call and cancel the paper – LMPS staff will pick up your mail.
Let your cleaning staff know you have a sitter coming in. Let your sitter know your cleaning staff is coming in.
Make sure your passport or drivers license have not expired.
Will your cell phone have coverage where you are going?

Have a safe and happy trip and don’t forget to call the office when you get home.