A Wolf Called Romeo

A Wolf Called RomeoI saw the referral for this book by a blogger that I follow and thought it would be an interesting read. I enjoy reading and love animals, but I am not always a fan of books about animals or pets. They are somewhat predictable; animal does great things, shows us love and then dies. OK, maybe that is a little harsh, but the end is always the same and it makes me sad. So maybe this book is really no different, except it was more about how the relationship with this particular animal is so special.

The book is about a wolf who has a unique relationship with a community outside of Juneau Alaska. The book is written by Nick Jans who has one of the first encounters with Romeo. Nick tells us this enchanting, but true story of how the community members and their dogs interact with Romeo during the winter seasons. For a few chapters you almost forget that Romeo is truly a wild animal. Nick along with a few others become the true advocates for Romeo and that makes this book really fascinating and compelling.



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