5 Things Dogs Teach Us About Life

Have you ever really watched what your dog does on a daily basis? When it comes right down to it they are pretty simple creatures, they like to eat, sleep and run around. Most don’t have a care in the world and can really teach us how to enjoy life.

5 things that I think we could learn from our dogs about life.

  1.  Be happy to see your friends. We can learn a lot from dogs on this one. It doesn’t matter whether you just saw someone yesterday or a year ago, always be happy to see friends, talk with them and let them know how much they mean to you.
  2.  Nap/Relax . OK, this one we probably should not do all day long like my client’s dogs do, but take a break, let your eyes and body rest for a few moments.
  3.  Stretch your body. It fascinates me to watch dogs and cats do this. Have you been sitting for a long time? Get up and stretch. Don’t just get up and start moving, take a moment to wake your body up and stretch your muscles.
  4.  Be playful. Dogs have this down pat. Everything seems to be a game to them. They watch you do things constantly, because it may involve food or a treat, they bring you toys when they want to play. Take time to do something fun in your life, involve your dog and it will be fun for all. Run around the yard (like a kid) or go for a nice fun walk (let your dog lead you). I feel a whole other blog topic in the works.
  5.  Stop and smell the roses. We don’t have the smell sensors that dogs do, but we both can benefit from enjoying time in nature. Go for walk in the woods (with your dog of course), along a path or trail. Looking for places in the area to walk your dog – Place around Lake Minnetonka to walk your dog.

5 Things Dogs Teach Us About Life

What has your dog or pet taught you about life?




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